Time Poetry

Many photographers want to catch the moment that lasts for a split second. I want to show the one that lasts for eternity. The time speaks silently. These photographs are visual poetry about the time. Dreamy and realistic in the same time. Wind, Sun, and time slowly turned these warm places into decay interiors, which became dignified monuments of human absence. People lived in those places... recently, or long time ago, and now... their lives' leftovers tell us powerful stories in silent way... and slowly fading away, to disappear completely. Dedicated to the time which divides us from the past and gave us bitter knowledge of transience.

Poesia Sacra

These photographs are not observation about death. These are metaphysical meditation about transcendental to the life. It is impossible for the human reason to think rationally about what's before, above and after life, but there is justified existential curiosity about it. Result of that curiosity is symbol. Poesia Sacra is a voice of these symbols. It is spiritual poetry, contemplation about eternity inside finiteness.

Small Pieces of Life

Not arranging the places, not setting the items. Witnessing this is privilege and the inner joy. Small village or metropolis, makes no difference. Old objects falling apart in the eye of observer become new subjects in perfect relations with carefully composed surroundings. It is not an eye who sees! Photographical poetry full of discreet nostalgia about life when people were more connected with the other people, nature and objects around them. There wasn't modern alienation which the way of living brings us today. These objects stayed to tell the story about passed times.


Human face is the mystery book of hidden emotions. Inner being is photographer's task to reveal.